Hospitality PR client success: Taymouth Marina

Hospitality PR case study: Bringing a sea of PR and marketing success to a section of Loch Tay

TAYMOUTH Marina provide a luxury self-catering accommodation for short breaks and week stays in Kenmore, Perthshire.

Loch Tay is beautiful and the same can be said about Taymouth Marina. It’s everything you could ever want and more. These guys had the product nailed down, the issue was marketing it to the world.

We decided the best course of action to get Taymouth Marina the recognition it deserved, was to attack on all fronts.

Full social media management, creating engaging and highly shareable content that existing followers and fans would love. Spurred on to share further afield and get new eyes looking at the venue, as well as igniting previous fans to revisit.

A content marketing approach was also adopted. After developing a six month content calendar, making sure we included relevant keywords, I set about creating the copy for the website. Making sure that the content fit in well with the brand and tone of voice, showcasing new and useful information, as well as hitting Google approval points with SEO and link building.

Newsletters can also be a very powerful marketing tool for brands to utilise and communicate with their audiences. I created and syndicated a fortnightly newsletter with relevant information and links to the website, helping boost traffic, eyes, and, most importantly, general interest in the services available.

Some results?

The social media channels all experienced much higher engagement, clicks through to the website increased and the overall audience base grew by a minimum of 20 per cent.

The content on the site proved a hit with visitors as new content usually achieved some of the highest traffic scores. Google also ranked Taymouth Marina higher for additional keywords that were discussed – I.E “Hot tub holiday Scotland”

Hospitality PR: Taymouth Marina

I achieved strong media coverage and overall PR results for Taymouth Marina over the course of our relationship.

The overall OTS nestled around three million. Including a ”Scotland’s first teetotal stag and hen do” – featured on The Metro, The Scotsman, Evening Times, Radio Forth, to name but a few; ”Scotland’s first Lochside wood-burning sauna opens” – hits in The Record and The Scotsman; ”£15 million Perthshire development fully underway – with coverage in The Courier, Perth Gazette, Scottish Construction Now, amongst a whole host of others.

The resulting coverage drove a treasure-trove of new users to the Taymouth Marina website. But, more crucially, it helped bring interest in the services that were on offer. For example, investors snapped up the opportunity to purchase a buy-to-let property, as well as local celebrities making their way to the banks of Loch Tay, namely Ed Sheeran and Kieren Tierney.

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