Why brands fail at content marketing

Take a minute and look at your own brand’s content marketing. Is it failing? Is it getting the results you’re after? If not, why not?

Well, as it turns out, you are not alone. Lots of brands are failing at content marketing. Most companies don’t realise their content marketing is failing until they actually sit down and analyse the data.

If this is you, and I suspect it might just be, read on.


The biggest reason why brands fail at content marketing is because they don’t have a strategy set in place.

It really is that simple. Take a look at what your competitors are doing well for inspiration. Consider building part of your content marketing strategy around their past successes.

It takes more than just churning out social media links and some semi-irrelevant blogs. Your content has to be valuable, relevant and consistent.

It’s also beneficial to create content calendars. Having this in place as a sort of point-of-call helps everyone in your organisation know what this month’s content theme is, social strategy and competitions etc.


Another big reason brands fail at content marketing is simply down to not having the time set aside for it.

Marketing usually gets funnelled down to the bottom of a company’s resources, but it shouldn’t be that way. Effective marketing will generate more sales leads, business enquiries and engagement.

If you are struggling in house to find time for your marketing, the obvious solution is to outsource the work to help align your company’s marketing plan. Hire the right person, and watch your business enquiries increase.

Boring content

Once you start sending out boring content it can be difficult to regain that audience’s interest.

Remember, content doesn’t always need to be about ‘’me-me-me’’, your customers will appreciate interesting news relevant to them and industry news. You should look back at your content calendar and if it screams out ‘’entertaining and informative’’ to you, then steam-role ahead.

Content marketing isn’t just about blogs and static web content. You can mix it up with infographics, videos, live video, podcasts, e-books and reports.

On a side note, remember, once you have produced your glorious and interesting piece of written content on your website, don’t forget to promote it on social media. Content without the marketing is just a waste of time.


One of the most important aspects of ensuring your brand succeeds at content marketing is to analyse your most recently activity.

I always talk about ‘test and measure’. Test what content you are producing and then measure it.

From this you should be able to conclude what content is best resonating with your audience through engagement and reach.

Is your brand failing at content marketing? Well, it doesn’t need to be this way. I’ve created and managed successful content marketing campaigns for our a whole range of clients and helped to improve trust and increase revenue.

Don’t fail at content marketing.

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