The Best Way To See The Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Travel writer Nathan McGregor stops by The Bay Of Islands, New Zealand whilst on his travels of the North Island’s East Coast. Here he searches for the idyllic viewpoint…

SOMETIMES, to the get the best views of pure beauty, you have to be in the sky.

The Bay of Islands is any must-go place for any traveller looking to escape and absorb raw and untouched scenery. Alas, it can be difficult to unearth every corner of true beauty to then sit back and appreciate it. This is just what my friend Tom and I sadly discovered.

With our time in New Zealand coming to end, we had been fortunate enough to see the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Russell Island and even had enough time to relax and catch some rays. But we wanted to see everything. We are only here once after all. After debating our next move, we came to the conclusion that in order to fulfil our desires, we were going to have to get airborne.

parasailing Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Enter, parasailing.

Now, as a Scot who is not best comfortable with heights I did struggle for a small while over this idea. But after asking around we found the Bay of Islands Parasailing company. We were in safe hands. The experience from start to finish was amazing. Faultless, even.

Travel New Zealand: Parasailing The Bay Of Islands

The skipper, Evan, knew the waters like the back of his hand. Climbing aboard his boat I could sense his confidence and respect for the precarious duo of wind and water.

The feisty crew girl, Erin, had at first, I thought, a mammoth task of navigating both the waves of the ocean and preparing the next couple for take off. She sailed easily through these daunting tasks with a delightful smile and often whimsical remarks to match.

We were one of the last duos to take off so we got the pleasure of watching others go before us. It was remarkable to witness the happiness and joy it brought these people to be launched several thousand feet in the air.

Parasailing Bay of Islands

When it was our turn we jumped at the chance to get ready as soon as possible. Once in position, Evan and Erin both confirmed it was safe for us to be launched and off we went.

The views, spectacular. The feeling of both adrenaline and pure joy, indescribable.

We were able to see Paihia for all its beauty from our airborne position. Stretching from one end to the next, we were able to see the beaches, coves, wildlife, uninhabited islands and more. It was truly a sight to behold.

With confidence riding high, Evan even lowered us in to the open water just to get our feet wet. Another act I could only dream of doing days earlier.

The whole experience lasted 15 minutes, but I could have stayed up in the air for hours.

Even when docking back at port we looked back at where we had just been and how fortunate we were to have been able to appreciate the Bay of Islands for all its charm.

Parasailing Bay of Islands, NZ

This is one experience I encourage every thrill-seeker, traveller, backpacker or even romantic to indulge in.

Take your feet off the ground every now and again. The first step is scary but true beauty should be appreciated from every angle. Especially that of a birds.

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